Professional Service Fees and Disbursements

Our Simple Funeral Service

This service complies with the Code of Practice set out by the NAFD and SAIF.

Our Simple Funeral Service includes a coffin suitable for burials or cremations, appropriately lined and fitted; a hearse and services of the Funeral Director; provisions of necessary staff, care and attention and transfer of the deceased, meeting at the crematorium or cemetary, attending to all basic requisite arrangements, viewing within normal working hours (out of hours services will incur additional charges).

Cost for this service £1895.00

Please note: the cost of disbursements are excluded from the Simple Funeral.

Our Professional Fees

  • Arranging and conduction funeral £890.00
  • Removal of deceased (day or night within 35 mile radius) £235.00
  • Hearse  £395.00
  • Limousine £295.00
  • Saloon £245.00
  • (Car prices cover a maximum of 35 miles. Additional mileage will be charged for at £1.50 per mile)
  • Coffin plate and lining £75.00
  • Preparation and hygienic treatment £135.00
  • Bearers and Stewards from £52.00

Taking deceased into church or home

  • During office hours £175.00
  • Outside office hours £295.00
  • Additional mileage £1.50 per mile
  • Arranging and attending burial of ashes £275.00


Payment due prior to funeral

  • Shrewsbury Crematorium from £769.00
  • Doctors fees from £164.00
  • Polytainer £16.00
  • Organist from £58.00
  • Minister £196.00
  • Church service (fees vary, please ask for further information).
  • Service Sheets from £75.00
  • Newspaper notice from £70.00
  • Grave preparation £450.00
  • Ashes plot from £160.00
  • Grave marker £30.00

Scatter tubes

  • Large £40.00
  • Medium £32.00
  • Small £27.00

Coffin Selection

  • Plain Elm Coffin £520.00
  • Real Wood Veneer Coffin £590.00
  • Solid Wood Coffin from £905.00
  • Willow Coffin from £860.00
  • Colourful Coffin from £600.00
  • Wool Coffin from £650.00
  • Cardboard Coffin from £600.00
  • Solid Wood Ashes caskets and Wicker Ashes casket £60.00

Floral tributes are available from our in-house florist, Floranz.

A headstones brochure is available, please ask for details.


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